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A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrician for business automation, a/v, and surveillance servicng the Oakland area.

Automation in the Workplace

Today collaboration is important for completion of projects and it is helpful for multiple team members and external clients to simultaneously review documents or view presentation slides. What’s more, data must be stored and shared. We provide the wiring and digital integration for audio visual systems that improve business process and enhance efficiency, collaboration and productivity.

On the lighter side, A/V allows you to pipe music into places like your break room so workers can enjoy their down time or provides background music during work time. Your clients and patients, too, can enjoy exceptional audio quality in offices and medical waiting areas through simple background music systems or more sophisticated multi-zone distributed speaker systems that are also equipped with paging capabilities.

Let us install the A/V that enable your workplace to be collaborative, efficient, safe—even fun.


Comercial Lighting Installer - Oakland

Proper lighting enhances comfort and general working conditions for employees. Plus, LED lighting can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, or up to five times longer than any comparable bulb on the market, helping you control costs.


Nest Thermostat Installer - Oakland

Whether you’re in the office or not, our lighting systems allow you to preset or adjust temperature in the office to ensure the comfort of your employees and keep a lid on costs.


Intruders compromise your employee and commercial property’s safety, but fortunately technology inside and out can deter criminal activity. CCTV or IP Cameras can monitor who's on your property or in your building. And outdoor lighting, with and without control by motion sensors, can expose potential culprits. When people with malicious intentions see your cameras or a lighted property, they will likely refrain from entering. Let us give you the indemnity you need to protect your employees, your building and your business.


Video Surveillance - Oakland

Keep an eye on your business from the inside out and bolster office security with closed-circuit TV.


Security Lighting - Oakland

Outdoor lighting systems can be controlled from anywhere to shine the light on your property that keeps your employees and buildings safe.

Audio Visual

Today, it’s all about collaboration when it comes to project completion, and videoconferencing systems allow workers on multiple teams—and in multiple locations—to work on projects and view documents and slides at the same time.

At A-Z Electric, we enable the digital integration that makes for Smart Workplaces.

Display Mounting

Monito/Display Mounting - Oakland

Our properly mounted placements will position your TV correctly from the start, so you can save space and be sure everyone benefits from clear visibility to the documents being displayed on your conference room screens.

Built In Speakers

Built-in Commercial Speakers - Oakland

Improve your employees’ work experience and your clients’ or patients’ waiting experience with our office background music and paging systems that can are customized for multiroom music coverage and paging capabilities.

Workplace Automation, Audio / Visual, and Surveillance Services

  • Smart Dimmers
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Mobile Controlled
  • Lighting Scenes
  • Video Doorbells
  • Remote Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • CCTV
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Motion Sensing Lighting
  • Ring Door Bell Camera
  • Ring Motion Light Camera
  • Wall Mount Flat Screen Televisions
  • Wire Management
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount Speakers
  • Whole House Audio
  • Whole House Video Systems
  • Remote Video
  • Remote Door Bell Camera


Business Automation
Audio / Video, Surveillance

A-Z Electric is familiar with many automation, audio / video, and surveillance systems.

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