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A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrician for home automation, a/v, and surveillance servicng the Get Quote area.

Home Automation

Just think about being able to control your house from anywhere/anytime. With today’s home automation that capability has become a reality. Home automation is really part of the “Internet of Things” where all your devices work together to provide seamless control over all aspects of your home. Regulate your thermostat, open and close your blinds, turn on your lights to accommodate daylight savings or turning clocks back an hour in the fall. We provide the digital integration that makes all that possible. Let us help you streamline your life control and enjoy the benefit of energy cost savings.


Home Automation Contractor - Get Quote

Remotely control all home lighting to turn on and off at preset times or make dimmer or brighter whether you’re home or away.


Install Smart Thermostat - Get Quote

Today’s programmable thermostats offer the anywhere/anytime convenience and cost-savings of presetting desired temperatures for different times of day and night. They can even be adjusted as needs dictate.

Home Surveillance

Intruders compromise your home and family safety, but fortunately technology inside and out can deter criminal activity. CCTV or IP cameras can enable you to keep tabs on who’s stepping onto your property. And outdoor lighting, with and without control by motion sensors, can expose potential culprits. When people with malicious intentions see your cameras or a lighted property, they will likely refrain from entering. Let us give you the indemnity you need to protect your family, home and valuables.


Install IP Cameras - Get Quote

Video cameras combine with closed circuit TV to up the ante on home security, enabling you to keep tabs on who and what is going on at home whether you’re at home, at work or on vacation.


Install Ring Doorbell - Install Ring Light - Get Quote

Outdoor lighting can protect you from the threat of malicious trespassers. Spot them if they’re on your property—even better deter them from setting foot on your property in the first place.

Audio Visual

Imagine if you could pump music into your house—even control a home theater—with the simple touch of a remote or your smartphone. You can have speakers and TV screens present in any room of your house, but because the system is centralized, there are no visible wires, just speakers and smart TV’s in all or selected rooms. At A-Z Electric, we enable the digital integration that makes Smart Home amenities possible. Let us help you add these rich touches of sight and sound to your life.

TV Mounting

Mount Flat Screen TV - Get Quote

A TV mounted over a fireplace or furniture adds a contemporary look and feel to your room and, with power and channel surfing handled remotely, comfort to your TV-viewing time.

Built In Speakers

Mount Built in Speakers - Get Quote

Installed in walls and ceilings, these built-ins save space, eliminate clutter and surround you with sound.

Home Automation, Audio / Visual, and Surveillance Services

  • Smart Dimmers
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Mobile Controlled
  • Lighting Scenes
  • Video Doorbells
  • Remote Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • CCTV
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Motion Sensing Lighting
  • Ring Door Bell Camera
  • Ring Motion Light Camera
  • Wall Mount Flat Screen Televisions
  • Wire Management
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount Speakers
  • Whole House Audio
  • Whole House Video Systems
  • Remote Video
  • Remote Door Bell Camera


Home Automation
Audio / Video

A-Z Electric is familiar with many home automation, audio / video, and surveillance systems.

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