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Electrical For Construction / Remodeling - Boonton

A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrian for construction and remodeling projects serving the Boonton area.

Electrician for Construction / Remodeling Project

There’s nothing like customizing your space to your lifestyle. Building a new home from the bottom up and/or remodeling your existing one are prime opportunities to personalize your living space to your wants and needs. Let us help you design and deliver on your vision for your home.

Rough Ins

Electrical Rough Ins - Boonton

Proper installation of all electrical wiring, boxes, fixture mounts, breaker panels and sub panels during construction or remodeling means you can be assured of safety behind your walls when your drywall is done.

Upgraded Service

New Electric Service - Electrician - Boonton

Upgrading your electrical service brings more power into your home and is important for safety. Upgrades also make for easier repairs in 25-plus year old homes in which electrical panels are obsolete.

Finish Electric

Finish Electric - Boonton

Light fixtures, wall outlets, switches and cover plates are installed in the final construction stage to enhance the service and aesthetic qualities of your home.

Kitchens / Baths

Electrician for Kitchens and Baths - Boonton

Electric in your kitchens and baths combines safety, comfort, functionality and design.

Typical Contruction / Remodeling Work

  • Outlet Relocation
  • Wire Relocation
  • GFCI Circuits
  • New Circuits
  • Old Wiring Replacement
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • HVAC Electric
  • Landscape Lighting



A-Z Electric is familiar with the scheduling and unique requirements for both new construction and remodeling projects. We are flexible in scheduling around and working with the other trades involved in a project.

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