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A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrian serving the Berkeley Heights area for all of your commercial or retail electrical needs.

Electrical Services For Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, great workplace design with modernized electrical services is an important factor. With today’s workforce wanting Google-like workspaces, making your office a pleasing, comfortable and safe place shows employees you value them.

Great space leads to employee fulfillment, engagement and productivity. And because word gets around, it’s also a plus for attracting top talent—equally important for retention.

Adequate lighting that reduces glare and illuminates stairwells; entrances, exits and parking lots that are lighted; thermostats with remote controls; adequate amps and utility service supply. All these features increase comfort and safety, limit business interruption and cut costs because of increased energy efficiency.

Let us focus on your electrical necessities and amenities, so you can focus on your business

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