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Industrial Electrician - West Milford

A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrian serving industrial clients in the West Milford area for all of your industrial or heavy electrical needs.

Electrical Services For Your Industrial Business

Keeping your machine shop or manufacturing plant modernized and compliant with the regulations of the National Electrical Code is imperative for the success of your business. Running electronic tests and inspections, cleaning contacts or circuit boards, ensuring that systems are grounded and utility service sufficient, or installing outlets, lighting fixtures and switches are among the many services we offer our industrial clients.

Because of our responsive service, you can rest assured that when problems occur or electrical systems break down, we’ll be there for troubleshooting and solutions. Let us be your partner in employee safety and operational efficiency so that you can focus on your core business.

New Construction / Remodeling

Building a new plant from the ground up or remodeling your current space, gives you the opportunity to customize your business environment with all the accommodations and amenities you need. Let us provide the electrical installations to enable you to run your plant and shop with smooth line operations and maximum efficiency to deliver products on time and on budget to your customers.

General Electrical Work / Troubleshooting / Repairs

You can’t afford to have your electrical systems break down, if you want to deliver on customer expectations. Our licensed electricians are at the ready to inspect electrical components like transformers and circuit breakers and identify electrical problems. Let us be responsible for keeping you up and running so that you can deliver the excellent service that results in loyal, long-time customers.

Wiring / Rewiring

Proper wiring is important for the safety of your shop or plant environment. We will install and maintain wiring and or identify wiring issues with a variety of testing devices. Let us ensure your wiring is safe and sufficiently heavy duty to handle the wear and tear of your plant operations.


Proper lighting fixtures make line work less tiring and enhance the comfort of people in your back office, upping overall productivity. Let us take charge of your lighting installations allowing you and your staff to work productively and in comfort.

Panel Replacement

You cannot afford to have an inadequate power supply servicing your industrial operations. Your electrical panel may be durable, but day to day operations in the shop and the back office take their toll. We service industrial locations to ensure you have the power you need. Let us make certain you are never short on your power supply or subject to business interruption.


Seamless digital integration is a must to streamline line operations and workflow. Increased automation can up the ante on the efficiency of your line and give you the opportunity to monitor your business process and operations. We can provide you with the digital integration you need to benefit from automation that facilitates operational processes and enables you to control internal mechanisms like lights, thermostats and other systems. This allows you to have an analytical eye on your plant operations and puts you in charge of the way your electrical energy is expended. Let us help you consistently foster employee productivity, achieve maximum efficiency and realize cost savings.

Audio / Visual, Surveillance and Closed-Circuit TV

It’s important for you to make certain your production is meeting its quality control requirements and overall operating at maximum efficiency. Closed circuit TV allows you to monitor line activity and output. It also helps you beef up security by keeping an eye on outside activities. Monitors and DVRs connected to outdoor cameras can allow you to watch over the comings-and-goings of plant visitors or delivery services. We do all the wiring and set up for A/V, surveillance and CCTV systems. Let us help you keep on top of what’s going on inside and outside your shop or plant.


Prolonged power outages can wreak havoc with your business. We Install and service Generac generators and service Siemens, Honeywell and Eaton models. Let us help you eliminate the risk and astronomical cost of business interruption from power outages.

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