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A-Z Electric is your trusted local electrician for panel replacments and service upgrades servicng the Get Quote area.

Service Panel Replacement

Your electrical panel connects the wires from outside your house to the wires inside, providing power from your utility company. This panel is long-lasting, but it will not last forever. In particular, Federal Pacific or Zinsco Panels are a safety hazard that must be replaced. Older homes too, may be equipped with obsolete fuse boxes that must also be replaced. Indoor lights that frequently flicker or dim, circuit breakers that often trip, or an electrical panel that feels warm are signals that your electrical panel needs attention. Let us give you the peace of mind of knowing you are safe.

New Service Panel

Electric Service Panel Replacements - Get Quote

A faulty electrical service panel puts you and your home in danger—at risk for fire and also electrical shutdown—and requires repair or replacement.

Upgraded Service

Install New Electric Service - Get Quote

Not having enough power is inconvenient and potentially damaging to sensitive electronics. Modern homes may need 200 amps or more to run air conditioners, appliances, and high-tech equipment.

Service Panel Replacement or Upgrade

  • Increase Capacity
  • Fix Safety Issues
  • Ability to Add Circuits
  • Combine Sub-Panels
  • Replace Obsolete Wiring
  • Replace Unsafe Wiring
  • Address Corrosion Issues
  • Fix Overheating Panel
  • Fix Damaged Panel


Electric Service Panels

A-Z Electric is familiar with and can service most brands of panels.

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